Meet Virginia.

Secret super power: Give me a mess and I’m super good at making sense of it (and finding a laugh along the way). This goes for both messy closets and messy situations.

Best Advice: “Never compromise who you are.” – My dad

Worst Advice: Any advice that has to do with sticking to cashing a paycheck doing something that doesn't light me up instead of pursuing what I really want.

Makes you laugh: My little brother. He’s the coolest.

Might catch me: Reading, making to-do lists (love me a list), cooking for people, listening/dancing to rap music, and riding around Folly with my husband and Beagle girl...preferably with a secret margarita.

Trainings/Teachers: Charleston Power Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training, All Day Immersion with Baron Baptiste, Yin Training from Mission Yoga Fall 2017

Favorite Moment in a Yoga Class: When my breath and movement are in sync and strong. It makes me feel like a superhero. I also really dig an assist in Child’s Pose.

Drug of choice: Spending as much time outdoors as possible and surprising people with homemade cookies/cake