Meet Susan.

Secret super power: Predicting the future and trusting myself.

Best Advice: If it’s leaving you, it wasn’t meant to be there. Let it go.

Might catch me: All over Charleston! Usually with a wolf, doing yoga, or both.

Makes me laugh: Loki Minaj (my wolf), Matt Foster and myself! (If we’re all together, watch out!)

Favorite Moment in a Yoga Class: When I escape my crazy thoughts and fully feel the moment, body and breath, and that all is well. Also: Half Moon, Handstands and Wheel are my jam!

Trainings/Teachers: Charleston Power Yoga Teacher Training Program, Prenatal Yoga through Holy Cow, Level 1 with Baron Baptiste, Level 2 with Paige Elenson, Art of Assisting, All Day immersion Assisting Team, Kathryn Budig Assisting Team (YogaPop), Briohny Smyth & Dice Ida-Klein, TTC Massage Therapy Program, Reiki 2 Certification, BUTI Yoga Certfication

Drug of choice: Water and candy. Lots of candy.