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Meet Sarah.

Secret super power: Being relatable, not quitting and keeping it real.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten: “You can be anything you want to be!” - My Dad

Worst advice: “I think you should be a weather girl when you grow up because you are so tall.” - My Mom (Ha! God Bless her!)

Makes you laugh: My kids. (They also make me cry ... haha!)

Might catch me: Sweating in any way possible, keeping up with my three little humans and big man-human, riding around Charleston on a boat, drinking cold tequila with my favorite people, and teaching rocking "The Works" classes at my favorite place of all: CPY!

Trainings/Teachers: Life. Ha! Oh yeah...and lots of yoga trainings and workshops on asana and yoga philosophy. And hitting up pretty much every fitness-style class under the sun to help fuel the flow of 'The Works'!