Meet Holly.

Secret super power: Intuition

Best Advice: Love. Give Love. Love one another. Be kind. Brush your teeth. Say your prayers. Be honest. Be prepared. Unto thy one self be true.

Makes you laugh: My brothers. “Phil’s Osophy: When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, ‘Whaaaaaaat?’”

Worst Advice: ”Get a real job.” Or, “Don’t eat carbs.”

Favorite Moment in a Yoga Class: When something finally lands (like, really lands) in my body. A pose. A breath. A transition. Some tiny part of my practice that all of a sudden clicks so magically.

Trainings/Teachers: Charleston Power Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program, All Day Immersion with Baron Baptiste, Level One with Baron Baptiste in June 2013

Drug of choice: Green tea. Sand/salt water. Juice cleanses.