Meet Helen.

Secret Super Power: I know songs by heart that I have only heard once

Best advice: You are where you are now, and you are headed somewhere amazing. But it is the journey there that is going to be the most important part - and the hardest.

What makes you laugh: My friends. When we are together there are always really deep belly laughs.

Might catch me: Together with my husband, our son and dog drinking coffee, reading books and chatting with people on the communal table at Black Tap.

Fav moment: That moment right at the beginning of class when the teacher calls child's pose and my forehead touches the mat for the first time. Suddenly everything else fades away. It is like coming home.

Trainings/Teachers/Certifications: Charleston Power Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training, Full day workshops/immersions with Les Leventhal, Duncan Peak, Tiffany Cruikshank, Master Samiuk Bera, John Ogilvie

Drug of Choice: My morning ritual of a giant mug of french press coffee made with love by my husband.