We're not your typical studio.


In this studio, we do power, grace and humor. We don't like comfort zones and we love cold lavender towels. We're into handstands just as much as half pigeon. We believe in sweaty hugs, possibilities and keeping it real. We promise to leave you feeling seen, shook and part of a community.



It all started when we lost our jobs.

We had our hearts set on opening the first lululemon showroom in Charleston. When that fell through, we had no Plan B. We were both teaching around the city and were missing sweaty, power yoga. 

When we found the hole in the wall (literally) on Upper King in the Spring of 2009, we knew it was the place. By July, it was real. It's been nothing but the craziest, awesomest, and sweatiest rollercoaster ride ever since:

Eight years. 

Two studios.

Hundreds of handstands.

Thousands of sweaty hugs.

Millions of lavender towels.*

Zero regrets.

Everyday, we thank our lucky stars that we get to be a part of this incredible community. It wouldn't be possible without the people (YOU) who choose to roll out their mats with us. Thank you for making us great.




 Beth (left) and Sarah (right) in front of their first baby, Downtown CPY.

Beth (left) and Sarah (right) in front of their first baby, Downtown CPY.